Bloodsucker Haven

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After fleeing the dragon...

Outclassed and humiliated, you retreated from the filthy black dragon to the large chamber with the whirlpool in it. After retrieving Daunte from the sewage, Xaen summoned a holy porpoise for the purpose of investigating the whirlpool. The porpoise swam off, immediately got into trouble with the swift water and disappeared into the whirlpool, never to be seen again.

After some discussion where everyone concurred that the whirlpool was the only way to go at this point, Xaen changed form into a Kua-toa and dove into the center of the whirlpool… and disappeared.

The group now huddles on the boat… still beaten, still filthy… paddling carefully to keep the boat from getting pulled into the whirlpool.

Artharion wheezes miserably… his body covered with waxy scars from the acid bath he took at the hands of the dragon (he only has 4 hp). Similarly, Tituz is miserable, having only 17 hp himself after taking two horrific direct shots from the dragon as well.

Of course, Xaen has the healing wands… but he went into the whirlpool…




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